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No matter how sophisticated the technology, it still takes people!

Welcome to the St. Louis Chapter of the CompTIA Association of Information Technology Professionals.

The new CompTIA AITP— what’s it all about?

At CompTIA AITP, our top priority is to help IT professionals build a successful and fulfilling career. An advocate for the IT industry, CompTIA AITP’s goals are simple and value driven:

  • Drive a highly skilled and relevant workforce.
  • Provide career-boosting tools and resources for the savvy IT pro.
  • Encourage the next generation to join our industry.

That’s something that will benefit all of us in the IT industry, including technology professionals, educators, leaders, students—really, anyone interested in pursuing a future in tech.

The Saint Louis Chapter is pleased to announce that on March 22, 2018 PMI members Tonya Huskey, Sarah Maruizi, and Ernest Moss will tell you how they became awesome project managers and how you can become an awesome project manager too.

And you’ll do it all as part of the large, diverse and skilled talent pool that makes up CompTIA AITP.

The Saint Louis chapter collaborates with other associations, groups, businesses, colleges and various institutions. Our monthly meetings cover a variety of topics, industries, and professions to help our members keep up with the ever-changing technologies, ideas, and trends. We deliver relevant technology and leadership education, research, and information on current business and technology issues. We provide forums for networking and collaboration. We promote the vision of AITP and the ethics and integrity of the association.

While our meetings are open to any IT professional, there is a reduced price for members.

There are many other member benefits. For more information please visit:

We encourage you to join AITP and select the St. Louis chapter from the dropdown menu when you register.

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