No matter how sophisticated the technology, it still takes people!

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LinkedIn Video

  • What is LinkedIn Video?
  • How to Get Started--the tools you need, how to caption, etc.
  • What topics work for LinkedIn video

Find out at our October 25, 2018 meeting. Click here for more information

Managing Your Brand

If you weren't at our September meeting, you missed an excellent presentation by Dr. Joseph Rottman. He has conducted research and spoken internationally on global sourcing, innovation diffusion and public-sector IT. He has conducted case studies in over 40 firms and has been engaged by Fortune 500 firms to analyze and improve their offshore strategies. He has published three books and over 25 articles and book chapters. His publications have appeared in Sloan Management Review, MIS Quarterly Executive, Information Systems Frontiers, Strategic Outsourcing: An International Journal, IEEE Computer, the Journal of Information Technology, the American Review of Public Administration and Information and Management and leading practitioner outlets such as CIO Insight and the Cutter Consortium.

Key takeaways are:

  • Own Your Own
  • A brand is what you think and feel when you hear a name.
  • Brands are fragile.
  • Your mistakes, successes, skills, career, and network are the pieces that build your brand
  • Mistakes and successes are in the past. It is your skills and network that define who you are right now.
  • Everyone you've ever worked with who remembers who you are is your brand advertiser.
  • People remember how yo make them feel.

At CompTIA AITP, our top priority is to help IT professionals build a successful and fulfilling career. An advocate for the IT industry, CompTIA AITP’s goals are simple and value driven:

  • Drive a highly skilled and relevant workforce.
  • Provide career-boosting tools and resources for the savvy IT pro.
  • Encourage the next generation to join our industry.

That’s something that will benefit all of us in the IT industry, including technology professionals, educators, leaders, students—really, anyone interested in pursuing a future in tech.

As part of our goal to provide career-boosting tools and resources, the Saint Louis chapter is pleased to have Dr. Joseph Rottman, Associate Dean - Graduate and International Programs at University of Missouri-Saint Louis, speak to us about personal branding. Please join us on September 27, 2018 to start your journey by first identifying who you are and what you want to do in your career. After that, learn how to own your own:

  • Mistakes
  • Successes
  • Skills
  • Career
  • Network

The Saint Louis chapter collaborates with other associations, groups, businesses, colleges and various institutions. Our monthly meetings cover a variety of topics, industries, and professions to help our members keep up with the ever-changing technologies, ideas, and trends. We deliver relevant technology and leadership education, research, and information on current business and technology issues. We provide forums for networking and collaboration. We promote the vision of AITP and the ethics and integrity of the association.

There are many other member benefits. For more information please visit:

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